Waste handling and recycling expenses have skyrocketed and now consume valuable time among staff unqualified and inexperienced to handle the complex issues involved in making the best decision for an organization.

Wasteology is in the business of making businesses more effective and cost efficient in waste management and recycling. To do that, we first conduct an analysis to target opportunities for streamlining waste removal through recycling, diversion, composting and other initiatives. Then we provide workable solutions that dramatically reduce our clients’ waste management costs and free up staff time for other responsibilities. Most importantly, we customize our services to reflect our clients’ unique requirements and respond to their constantly evolving needs.

solutionWe are not a waste hauler or landfill operator, nor do we have a costly fleet of trucks that inflate the cost associated with our services. Wasteology works in partnership with clients, representing only the clients, not haulers or recyclers. We are independent consultants who reduce waste and recycling related costs by an estimated 20%, while significantly improving efficiency within your facility.

Our services are totally transparent and quantifiable. We measure and document cost savings for easy accessibility to you as the client. There are no hidden fees or complicated calculations. Our fee is in direct proportion to your savings. Making a difference in your bottom line is our top priority.

Wasteology has 23 years of experience in public and private sector waste hauling, recycling and environmental compliance. Although our expertise will save you money, we don’t stop at that. Our background in waste-related laws, regulatory compliance and industry certifications will help guide and support waste management and recycling operations with your facility.


Our expertise spans industries including:

> Healthcare
> Hospitality
Food and retail
Industrial and Manufacturing
Commercial Property
State and Local Agencies

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